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The apocalyptic music of Far Cry 5


In Far Cry 5 there’s always music in the air. The apocalyptic cult that runs this slice of rural Montana spreads its message through song, and everywhere you go you hear their hymns: through loudspeakers, echoing from churches, hummed by enemies. The hymns were written by Dan Romer, a producer, songwriter, and composer whose work you may have recently heard on Netflix drama Beasts of No Nation. Audio is rarely the focus of promotion for a game, so it’s telling that Ubisoft is making a point of explaining the philosophy behind this aspect of Far Cry 5, which goes beyond merely sounding good.

The idea of the songs is that, if you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics, you’ll find this gospel-style music beautiful, almost inspiring. But as you get to know the cult, their teachings, and their beliefs (chiefly that the world is about to end and anyone who doesn’t join them is doomed), the songs take on a sinister new meaning. “When the world falls into

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