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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a hit and miss teaser for Life is Strange 2

Philippa Warr

Back in my day (where we navigated the world using a paper booklet called an A-Z and dinosaurs roamed free), The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit would have been a disc demo nestled on the front of our magazine. These days it’s a free download over on Steam and acts as an interactive teaser/mini episode to draw you in for Life is Strange 2. Captain Spirit is the alter-ego of 10-year-old Chris. Chris lives with his dad and loves the world of superheroes and supervillains.

It’s both a playspace and a respite from the scarier or more difficult elements of his life, like dealing with the impact of his father’s drinking. I can’t speak to how realistically Dontnod have explored that strand of childhood trauma. Instead I’m evaluating the experience as someone looking to lose themselves in another person’s story, exploring their world. Captain Spirit plays similarly to the original Life is Strange in that you walk around the 3D environments and choo

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