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The best Borderlands 3 guns from the latest gameplay demonstration


With Ice-T in my ear, I explored part of Borderlands 3's jungle planet last week, shredding dinosaurs with some unreasonably powerful midgame guns. I didn't find the gun that shoots cheeseburgers, and I'm not really sure what that gun would be useful for except delivering cheeseburgers messily and rapidly, but I enjoyed almost all of the bullet hoses I found on Eden-6.  The Maliwan energy weapons were my least favorite. Their slow-ish glowing projectiles just didn't feel powerful, maybe because they rely a lot on elemental damage. Otherwise, the gun sound effects are fantastic—some are thunderous, others peck away at enemies with firm claps—and the spinning barrels and chunky reload animations seem to have been given more attention than some of the character animations. Switching from hip-fire to ADS is snappy, and some of the sniper rifles are absolute monsters. body .

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product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}My favorite guns, however, are the little guys made by returning manufacturer Tediore. They're thrown away instead of reloaded, and the discarded weapon explodes on impact or continues firing at the nearest target. A new gun materializes in your hands. Against big targets like the dino below, they give a wonderfully panicked flavor to the fight. Barring some launch day disaster where an Epic Games Store bug replaces all the guns with Fortnite's Infantry Rifle, I feel safe in saying that at least the shooting stuff side of Borderlands 3 will be enjoyable.

For more thoughts on the game overall, check out my complete impressions video above and preview here.  Now, here are the four best guns I got my hands on during a few hours with Borderlands 3.

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