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The biggest things Fallout 76 players are trading with each other are exploits

Christopher Livingston

When I start playing Fallout 76 I always do the same thing. I bring up my map to see where the other players are. Specifically, I check to see if anyone is at the Whitespring Golf Club. And, until this week, there were always players there. Always. At least two, sometimes three or four, every single time I played. I thought it was weird, so I finally looked it up to see what was going on. Turns out, the Golf Club is (or was) a popular XP farming spot, where high level ghouls spawn and net players tons of loot and XP.

Some players would server hop to make the ghouls respawn, others would have a friend logout and then rejoin, respawning those same mobs, over and over again. This also made the Whitespring a popular spot to drop nukes, as those ghouls respawned as higher-level glowing versions of themselves, resulting in even more loot and XP. Over and over again. When I've logged in each day this week, I haven't seen the usual cluster of players at the Golf Club. That's because along with the posted changes in patch notes, Bethesda has been quietly patching out exploits. The Club is now dead as a source for easy XP farming. And I honestly hope more exploits are patched out soon, not because I have an issue with people using them, but because it's all anyone I meet ever wants to talk about.

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