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The Call of Duty: WWII beta was pretty damn fun


I spent most of Sunday playing the CoD:WWII multiplayer beta, and I didn't want it to end. I haven't enjoyed CoD multiplayer this much since World at War or the first couple Modern Warfares. I had answers for hopping SMGers and quickscoping snipers that I didn't feel like I had in Infinite or Advanced Warfare. It may only be half-a-second, but there's more time to think in WWII. There's no zipping from one side of the map to the other, no jetpacking into windows to score a quadkill.

For those of us who can't score midair quickscopes, stripping all the futuristic junk from CoD's already hyper-fast shooting is a boon. That said, I'm not necessarily going to recommend CoD:WWII when it releases next month. Whether it's set in the future or the past, Call of Duty is still old fashioned and overpriced. You can get both Day of Infamy and Rising Storm for less than CoD's base price, for instance, and both are very good multiplayer WWII games. I

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