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The Destiny 2 PC beta is live


The Destiny 2 early access PC beta got off to a bit of a rough start yesterday, but it sounds like Bungie managed to get it smoothed out quickly—and more relevant to our immediate interests, it's now open to everyone. Those of you who have been playing in the early access beta will need to update, which may require a Battle. net restart. For everyone else, just fire up the client, select "Destiny 2" from the games list, and hit the "Install" button.

It's a 16GB download, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you're on a slow or capped connection. On the good news side, it's apparently running very well: We've got a breakdown of what you'll need to run it at 4K/60fps right here, but even mid-range hardware seems able to keep it flowing fast and pretty. We'll have a full performance analysis coming to you soon, and in the meantime you can avoid unnecessary hassles by ensuring that you've got

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