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The Division 2 settings and performance: what you'll need to save Washington DC

Jarred Walton

January and February used to be a quiet time for PC gaming, but that's certainly not the case for 2019. There's a gaming bonanza slated for next week, but March has plenty happening as well. Along with the launch of the AMD Radeon VII (though that may be purely coincidental), Ubisoft is doing a 'private beta' for The Division 2. Much like our look at Anthem last week, this is a performance preview—things can and likely will change before the game releases next month.

The Division has had DirectX 12 support for a long time, and the sequel carries that forward—unlike Hitman 2 which for reasons unknown (to me) dropped DX12. I did limited testing with both the DX11 and DX12 APIs and found that DirectX 12 performed better in most cases. (The exception: GTX 1060 at 1440p and 4k did better in DX11 mode, though that could be due to variations in time of day or other factors. ) For now at least, I'm sticking with the DX12 API, because these results are likely only valid for the private beta, and I'll be retesting everything when the final game is released.

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