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The Division 2 settings, system requirements, and performance

Jarred Walton

The past few months have been a great time for major game releases. From the surprise launch and excellent experience of Apex Legends, to the tragic singing (not really) of Anthem, with post-apoc Metro Exodus journeys and more, we've had a lot going on. I'm just one man, however, and can't benchmark everything. But I tested The Division 2 beta in February, and with the final game in hand, it's time for the full update. The good news is that performance has improved by about 15 percent on average compared to the beta, which is always nice.

It could improve further over time, but given the impressive level of detail for the D. C. environments and other areas, not to mention the mature game engine, I don't expect too many changes going forward. Also, note that The Division 2 is an AMD promo game, which means along with the AMD Ryzen/Radeon splash logo when you launch the game, it's more likely to be tuned to run best on AMD graphics hardware. AMD CPUs, I'll get to later, but basically performance is fine as long as you have a 6-core or better processor.

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