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The Division 2 will be set in Washington, D.C.

Samuel Horti

The Divison 2 will be set in Washington, D. C. , according to a poster hanging in the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 is taking place. The poster (above), of which Twitter user Boomslangg took the best shot, shows three agents staring out at the Washington Monument and the United States Capitol, both of which are heavily damaged. Chunks of the monument are missing and smoke is rising from the dome of the Capitol Building. The three agents are carrying a couple of weapons that weren't in The Division—a crossbow and what looks like a chunky grenade launcher that holds its grenades in a revolving cylinder.

Online multiplayer shooter The Division was set in New York City, which made for a cluttered, often claustrophobic environment with fairly narrow streets and tall buildings. Washington, D. C. is a less dense city, which should provide a more open setting. We'll no doubt find out more about The Division 2 when Ubisoft holds its E3 press conference on Monday at 11am PT. The D

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