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The Division 2's endgame introduces a powerful new faction that remixes the entire game

Samuel Roberts

In introducing The Division 2's endgame content, Ubisoft reminds us how The Division steadily improved over the almost three years since its release. From quality of life updates like being able to save loadouts to substantial new PvE modes, its reputation came a long way from launch. It makes sense, then, that Ubisoft spends a sizeable portion of this PvE reveal event explaining what you'll be doing after you hit the initial level 30 level cap.

 The headline addition is an entirely new faction, called the Black Tusk, who arrive in the world when you've finished the main campaign by completing each of the existing factions' stronghold missions. Activities and missions from the main game will be 'invaded' by this new enemy, remixing the kind of challenge they offer. The Black Tusk bring high-power equipment like drones and robot dogs into battle, and generally look rather threatening.

These are the elements of the endgame that Ubisoft's presentation dials in on, but given just how many possibilities the first game eventually offered after hitting level 30, I ask creative director Julian Garrity how much else there is. "This is just a slither. I'm gonna be a little bit negative, but I don't think the presentation that was shown does justice to all of the range of activities in endgame.

To sum up endgame as 'we've kept a new faction for that moment and they're going to invade main missions and strongholds', yeah, that's a huge part, but it's only one of the parts. " 

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