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The Division 2's Washington DC is a more open world, and a more dangerous one

Christopher Livingston

We've already gotten some details about The Division 2 from Ubisoft's E3 press conference: it's set in Washington DC this time, it will feature 8-player raids, free episodes every three months after launch, and it's bucking the trend by saying 'nope' to a battle royale mode. The demo of The Division 2 I played at E3 this week wasn't a raid, or even a real mission, but an open world event in which my team came across the remains of Air Force One (the same event shown in the gameplay trailer).

The demo was an extremely small slice of a game that Ubisoft says will be 20 percent bigger than the original. And not only does the sequel swap Manhattan for Washington DC, but it also turns winter into summer: the events of The Division 2 take place seven months after 'Black Friday', the smallpox pandemic that turned Manhattan into a lawless apocalyptic quarantine zone in the dead of winter.

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