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The Division 2's Washington DC so far feels like a less exciting setting than New York

Samuel Roberts

I enjoyed spending a few more hours with The Division 2 private beta at the weekend, having previously played about four or five hours of it earlier this month at a Ubisoft event. I tried a mix of solo and co-op, and found the game to be a lot kinder to players of the former option than the previous Division was.  While the beta obviously wasn't perfect on PC—I had a few noticeable instances of melee enemies teleporting when I was trying to line up a shot—it was otherwise enjoyable and generous, packed with enough activities to fill a weekend if you wanted it to.

The matchmaking is slick and fast, and the story and side missions in these early levels throw up plenty of great set pieces. I only wish I could carry my progress over to the main game so I didn't have to complete some of these missions for the third time. That'd be a big ask for a private beta, but hey.

Woe is me.  My only complaint is that the Washington DC setting isn't terribly exciting when you're outdoors—at least not yet. Some of the interiors are really cool—the lobby of the Grand Washington Hotel, for example, or the wrecked Air and Space Museum locale I played in the preview build, where you have a shootout against the Black Tusk faction in the damaged planetarium—but outside, where you spend a lot of time, to me it lacks a little atmosphere compared to the first game's New York.

 It contrasts nicely, for sure, and it's picturesque at times, but to me, as someone not really familiar with either city in real life, there's an atmosphere New York had that this doesn't yet.

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