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The Evil Within 2 pushes psychological horror 'much harder' than original


Announced at E3 earlier this year and due in October—on Friday the 13th, no less—The Evil Within 2 revisits the seemingly perpetual struggles of intrepid cop-turned-fallen hero Sebastian Castellanos. Weaving a more personalised tale this time round, Shinji Mikami's frightful sequel will adopt a more psychological horror-leaning guise than its forerunner. That's according to Tango Gamesworks' John Johanas who, while speaking at a Bethesda Live Q&A session, suggested action fans can expect some similarly fraught set pieces as per the original game, but that The Evil Within 2 will double down on psychological horror.

THE EVIL WITHIN 2 – Who is Your Sebastian?

"Action fans will not be disappointed, but also people who like slower paced horror will also find a game that they can enjoy," says Johanas in the video below. "The gameplay is always about overcoming that horror—we rarely put you in a situation where there's nothing that you can do about that, it's alw

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