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The Fallout 76 beta now locks the FOV and caps framerate at 63 fps

Jarred Walton

Last week we were able to run some initial benchmarks of Fallout 76 to see how it fares on various GPUs. Today, with the second to last beta and a 30GB update in hand, we hopped back in to find Bethesda's short-term fix to speed hacking. As we feared, rather than fixing the engine to properly handle higher framerates and refresh rates, a framerate lock is now in place, and adjusting FOV (field of view) is likewise disabled.

We tried editing the INI files as before, including setting them to read-only, all to no avail. The third-person FOV defaults to 80 (though you can still press and hold the middle mouse button and move the mouse to zoom out a bit more), and the first-person FOV defaults to 90. Interestingly, manually setting an ultrawide or even double-wide resolution still works and auto-adjusts the FOV as appropriate:

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