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The futile search for a single message in Far Cry 5

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

After a number of huge games and reinventions, Far Cry has accumulated an absurd amount of thematic obligations. Emotional sincerity and nuance sit right next to Grand Theft Auto-style 'satire' and unapologetic violence. New entries need to include brutality to the point of repulsion, have some sort of philosophical or subversive layer, and offer breathtakingly beautiful virtual tourism, all at the same time.

This mix isn’t just contradictory—it’s impossible to truly pay off without choosing an element to emphasize. This is why I believe that accusations that Far Cry 5 doesn’t have anything to say, or that it refuses to take a stance on the many subjects it approaches in its over-the-top tale of reclaiming Americana in rural Montana, is false. It just says these things in individual pieces, each beholden to a different portion of what has become an inherently conflicted series.

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