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The good and bad of the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta


I measure the success of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s beta by how often it pulled me into relaunching after taking a break. I counted: I started the beta nearly 16 times over the weekend, so I’d say I’m somewhere between mostly mesmerized and adequately addicted. Even though I had a paltry three maps to play on. I particularly liked the added attention to accentuating the gunplay with some much-needed depth.

It still lacks the characteristic nuance of DICE’s Battlefield series, but trading concentrated light with enemies isn’t the dull hipfire-fest from 2015’s Battlefront. Each gun type brings heft and different spread patterns, and I had far more opportunity to tighten my shots with steady bursts and target leading rather than weighing down left-click with an unmoving finger. The distinction between being outgunned by skill instead of losing by virtue of who was spotted first is more clearly established, helped in part by the differing health poo

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