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The latest Fable 4 rumor doesn't hold up, even if the game is probably real

Shaun Prescott

A Fable 4 announcement (or Fable IV, I guess) is likely on the way, but the game's appearance on Microsoft's Mixer streaming website shouldn't be taken as confirmation. Following the discovery of a listing for the game on Mixer, which was originally shared by a Reddit user, many have concluded that Microsoft has slipped up by adding it to its database too early.  But the Mixer database actually draws from player. me, an online tool for streamers with a largely crowdsourced database. At the time of writing, Fable IV has four 'players' on player.

me, and the listing also appears on Twitch.   The player. me entry lists Lionhead Studios Ltd. as its developer: likely not a mistake Microsoft itself would make, since Microsoft closed that studio in 2016.

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