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The making of Prey's Gloo Cannon


With its sprawling abandoned space station setting, hordes of shape-shifting mimics and bouts of weightless space exploration, there are many things about Arkane's Prey that're worth emailing home about. Much similar to BioShock's Rapture or Dishonored's Dunwall, it could be argued that the dystopian Talos 1 is as much a central character as lead protagonist Mogan Yu—and there's one less than orthodox method of exploration that's arguably the most fun: building makeshift climbing walls with the game's iconic amorphous semi-solid fluid-firing Gloo Cannon. "We kind of had this idea that we'd be able to build bridges and staircases and all kinds of platforming things with it," the game's lead system designer Seth Shain tells me.

Prey Demo, Lobby Skip, gloo cannon

"The whole thing did originally start with this idea that it would be a device the scientists would use to incapacitate the aliens. It went through so many iterations. The very first name was actu

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