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The Monster Hunter: World launch trailer is here

Andy Chalk

Monster Hunter: World is finally out today—but alas, only for consoles. The PC version won't be out until sometime in the fall. But that isn't going to stop us watching the launch trailer, eyes filling with tears throughout, no sir. The video is basically a quick sightseeing tour of a rugged, Land-That-Time-Forgot type of place, and the many ways that it's going to try to kill you.

Monster Hunter: World - Launch Trailer

Most of them involve fearsome, ferocious monsters—hence the title—but fortunately you and your compatriots, should you choose to go adventuring in a group, are not without the ability to fight back—also hence the title. It's no fun having to wait for Monster Hunter: World to arrive on our platform of choice while the rest of the world gets to dive into it, but hopefully that extra time will be well spent. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said earlier this month that developers are being especially cautious with the PC edition. "For the main Monster Hun

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