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The Outer Worlds speedrunner finishes in under 25 minutes


I finished The Outer Worlds last night and the ending arrived a bit sooner than I expected. Unlike Steam, the Epic Games Store doesn't give you a time-played stat, so I'm not sure how long I took, but it felt brisk. Not quite as brisk as speedrunner It's Jabo's playthrough, however. He was done in under 25 minutes. You can give it a watch above. Jabo's run sticks to just the main missions, and he picked up a few tricks that allowed him to shave quite a bit of time off his previous attempts, including getting a special 'bad' ending where things don't go too well for the space-faring hero and pals.

Obviously if you haven't finished The Outer Worlds yourself yet, you might not want to watch until the end.  I imagine a fair chunk of my time playing was spent in fights I could have likely avoided, but when Jabo does get into a scrap, he's a lot more efficient at taking out pesky enemies. Luckily, nobody puts up much of a fight in The Outer Worlds, though there are some annoying bullet sponges.  With a time of 24:21 set, Jabo's now looking to shave off some more seconds and get down to 23 minutes.  Cheers, GamesRadar.  

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