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The Outer Worlds system requirements, settings, benchmarks, and performance analysis


Welcome to The Outer Worlds, a place filled with colonists struggling to survive. Our review called it quirky romp across a solar system ruled by corporations, but it's quirky in other ways as well. It's not the most demanding of games, but Outer Worlds can be taxing on budget and mid-range PCs if you ramp up the settings too far, and it tends to stutter on occasion. The stutters are more noticeable when you're running around the larger outdoor areas, but in terms of absolute minimum framerates, just about every graphics card I tested occasionally drops into the sub-20 range (if only for a frame or two). What can you do about the stutters?

Short of waiting for a patch, not much. Thankfully, average and even 97 percentile minimums aren't so bad. And since Outer Worlds is an RPG with shooting elements, the occasional dip in framerate isn't too terrible. You can certainly play the game at 30 fps in a pinch, though falling below 20 fps is a problem. With a high-end PC, even 4K at 60 fps or more is possible—though the ultra preset only gets there with a 2080 Ti.

This is the third game to use Unreal Engine that I've looked at in as many months—Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 being the other two. This is also the fourth major AMD-promoted game I've looked at—along with the above two and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, these four games are part of AMD's Raise the Game promotion. But similar to Breakpoint, performance on AMD hardware—specifically AMD GPUs—is not quite where it should be. And the latest 19. 10.

2 drivers didn't help matters. AMD's Ryzen CPUs on the other hand do quite well, at least with the latest Zen 2 / Ryzen 3000 models I tested.

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