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The Outer Worlds will have a survival mode

Fraser Brown

Obsidian's Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky dropped a ton of new details for The Outer Worlds on The Game Informer Show recently, teasing a survival mode and chatting about gear customisation, companions, character progression and lots more.  The Outer Worlds will offer a few different modes, letting you choose a difficulty that fits your playstyle, whether you just want to enjoy the story or you want a hardcore challenge. If you're the latter, you might be interested in Supernova mode. It gives you hunger, thirst and exhaustion meters, so you'll need to eat, drink and sleep. If you ignore your body, there will be penalties. While survival and crafting are often conflated, The Outer Worlds won't send you rooting around for hundreds of crafting materials.

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

There isn't a crafting system at all, really, though you'll be able to augment your gear with parts scattered around the worlds. You'll be able to change how your gear works, but you'll also discover unique stuff with abilities that can't be recreated with mods.  On the subject of loot, there will be lots of hand-placed stuff, and some enemies will have specific weapons and gear you can loot from their corpse. You'll find plenty of random loot, too, so you'll still find some surprises while you're digging through the trash.  

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