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The PC Gamer Show: Gamescom, Age of Empires IV, and Mei's animated short


Welcome back to The PC Gamer Show, our weekly livestreamed podcast. You can catch the show live on Wednesdays at 1 pm PDT on our Twitch channel, or after the fact at any of the links below. This week we talk about the news out of Gamescom, including the Age of Empires IV announcement, the debut of Mei's animated short, and more—including our usual Twitch chat Q&A!

The music from this week's show is from the official Nidhogg 2 soundtrack. It's an excellent, disgusting fighting game where two players use swords, bows, and their fists to push past one another into the nidhogg's lair, a giant mythical snake creature that only gobbles up the victorious. Check out our review for more information.

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