The Powers In Prey Are Out Of This World

Ben Reeves

Much like Dishonored, Prey is a shooter that equips players with an array of otherworldly powers. That's good, because the space station Talos I is teeming with dangerous aliens that are ready to turn you into another husk of space debris. Arkane's awesome arsenal of abilities opens up a variety of ways to approach each combat encounter and environmental challenge. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the out-of-this-world powers at your disposal in Prey, as well as a couple of the unique man-made weapons. PowersAll of the aliens in Prey possess their own unique abilities.

As you encounter new aliens, you can analyze their genes and alter your own DNA to give yourself their incredible powers. Players are able to upgrade their abilities through a tool called the Neuromod – a device that uses light to scan and measure the brain before making changes to it. When players use one of Prey's alien powers, they enter Psy mode. This mode temporarily slows down time, allowing players to precisely place their powers wherever they want them. This altered time state isn't a full time stop; players can actually move while in Psy mode.

They can strafe to avoid enemy attacks, but the world around them continues to step in sync with them. but Psy mode gives players added time to think during the heat of battle. As long as players are still, the rest of the world is still. The idea plays off the concept that as players incorporate more Typhon abilities, they become hyperfocused and hypersensitive to what's going on. All of the abilities in Prey feature cooldowns, so you can't spam them several times over.

However, throughout your journey, you can expand your Psy pool and find upgrades that reduce the cooldowns of these powers. Players don't want to overdo it, however, because a Typhon monster called the Nightmare is chasing them throughout the Talos I station, and the more Neuromod abilities they equip, the easier it is for the Nightmare to hunt them down. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the powers players have access to: Lift Field – Players learn this move from the invisible Poltergeist enemies. Essentially, Lift Field allows you to create a reverse gravity field that sends objects and enemies skyward. Players can also use Lift Field like a makeshift elevator to access new areas or hidden alcoves.


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