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The Resident Evil 2 remake is a gross and truly scary spin on the original's campy horror

Kyle Campbell

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield didn't really have faces back then. I mean, they did, but in the original Resident Evil 2 they were largely identifiable by some wild haircuts and colorful clothing. Their mugs otherwise resembled those of bargain bin action figures. It was 1998. Making up for the lack of polygons with some imagination came with the territory.

When the Resident Evil 2 remake releases in January next year, we'll be able to see every bead of sweat on Leon's face and the strands of hair in Claire's ponytail bounce and tangle as she moves around. With so many advances in technology and major changes in creative direction, there won't be much left to the imagination. In that way, 2019's Resident Evil is less of a remake and more of an adaptation. It's also one of the most beloved entries in the series, which makes it precarious to reinterpret, especially with so many radical changes in mind. But after playing the demo available at PAX West this y

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