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The Sea of Thieves beta returns this weekend for server 'scale testing'

Christopher Livingston

The Sea of Thieves closed beta left a lot of players hankering for more open world pirate adventures, so it will come as good news that the beta is making a return this weekend in the form of a server "scale test. " Developer Rare is hoping to cram lots of players into their game "to test a lot of the work we’ve done since the Closed Beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we’ve ever seen before. "If you were part of the closed beta, the announcement post reads, you'll be able to participate. "As a result of the Closed Beta, we are planning on running a couple of Scale Tests between now and launch, with the first of these beginning on Friday, February 16th at 10am GMT (2am PST) and ending on Sunday, February 18th at 10am GMT (2am PST).

"So, that's good news for those who want a bit more of the pirate life before launch. Keep in mind, though, that this scale test may not be smooth sailing. An email sent to PC Gamer

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