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The sensitive challenge of portraying psychosis in Hellblade


For Tameem Antoniades, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice's titular theme of sacrifice hits close to home. For the last two years, he has given up nearly every part of his personal life to create Hellblade. No holidays, no social life, no free time. "I'm exhausted," Antoniades tells me over Skype. "Hellblade has become a burden, a massive responsibility for me and for the team.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice | Senua's Psychosis Teaser | PS4 & PC

It felt really important to try and make something that we own and we knew it was going to be super hard, but I think I just pushed this one a bit too far for myself. "Antoniades' conviction doesn't stem only from the usual freezing shock of a studio like Ninja Theory wading into the indie waters, but also because of Hellblade's unique vision: To tell a story that explores mental health in a serious and nuanced way. It's not just a viking-themed brawler, but an intimate character portrait of a warrior. Forget sanity meters, Senua's struggle to coexist with her own

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