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There may be a Fallout 76 stress test for PC ahead of the beta

Christopher Livingston

With the Fallout 76 beta launching on PC on October 30, we really don't have all that long to wait until we can get our hands Bethesda's online Fallout game. It still feels like a long time, though, especially when the beta will be coming to Xbox One a week earlier. However, there's the possibility of a stress test for PC ahead of the beta's release date of October 30. There was, after all, a stress test for Xbox on October 13. It only lasted for about four hours, and was only available to randomly chosen players who had pre-purchased Fallout 76 and were members of Xbox Insider.

It was also under NDA, meaning no screenshots or streaming was allowed (and at least one player who did post a gameplay video from the stress test was apparently suspended both from Xbox and Twitter). There may be a similar stress test coming to PC ahead of the beta. Maybe. Might be?

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