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These 2 Prey mods add hardcore difficulty and greater immersion


I haven't gotten too far into Prey yet so I can't personally speak to how difficult it is, but if I know one thing about PC gamers it's that they love making things harder on themselves. Well, don't look now but that coffee cup on your desk just turned into a hardcore difficulty mod. It's called Prey For Death, created by modder jvames, and it will make your time in Prey a grueling (yet hopefully enjoyable) nightmare. The mod makes a number of changes, beginning by restoring a few traumas that were cut from the game that now occur when you take damage, like bleeding, burns, fractures, concussions, and partial blindness.

These traumas "can be cured with a specific medical cure that you can collect and/or fabricate. " The mod also activates a dormant Field Surgeon skill that when acquired will allow you to cure traumas with regular medical kits. Food no longer as much of a healing benefit as it was, and water doesn't heal Yu (ha ha) at all. Typhon, your a

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