These Halo Wars 2 posters look legit

Chris Carter

I was never really into Halo Wars, but enough time has passed (coming up on eight years now! ) for me to care about it again. Halo Wars 2 is on its way on both PC and Xbox One very soon, and to celebrate, Microsoft has comissioned three artists to create posters for it. And you know what?

They're pretty great! Grzegorz 'Gabz' Domaradzki worked on the one you see above, and you can really see the Star Wars influence there -- likely because he's actually worked on official Star Wars art before, alongside of Iron Man and Batman. Kevin Tong produced the wonderfully contrasted human and brute piece, and Craig Drake created this one right here -- it's no secret that he's worked on Pulp Fiction and Mad Max. Microsoft Commissions Stunning Halo Wars 2 Posters [Game Informer] Read more…

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