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This awful thing happens when you shame a Shadow of War orc too much


My recent run-in with a particularly egregious orc named Mozû might have led you to believe that Shadow or War's enemies have the upper hand. But the truth is Talion is more cruel than any of the greenskins, as evidenced by this video which seeks to answer the question: What happens if you perpetually shame an orc, rather than finishing it off? Shaming is a mechanic in Shadow of War that enables players to forcibly level down an orc. The point is so that you can eventually recruit an orc which has a nice set of perks but is currently too powerful for Talion to dominate.

Shadow of War - Don't shame Orc too much or this will happen

Or, as YouTuber NoahDLC discovered, you can do keep doing it, over and over again, just to mess with the poor orc's head. In the video embedded above, we see a level 17 orc named Garl Cannibal get repeatedly shamed. As he plummets through the levels he goes from being a typically cocky, loquacious orc to soon begging for death, whining that "the other orcs won't stop making me fun of me. " Then it

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