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This first-person mod makes Resident Evil 2 Remake even more terrifying

Fraser Brown

Oh no, there's a first-person Resident Evil 2 Remake mod. It is very, very, very stressful, ramping up the claustrophobia and forcing you get far too close to the shambling corpses trying to get a nibble. This one's only for the bold, which is demonstrably not me.

Resident Evil 2 in a First Person Perspective [MADE BY PRAYDOG!]

 Modder PrayDog created this work-in-progress nightmare, so you have them to thank for making an already nerve-wracking experience that much more terrifying. You can download it from GitHub (via ResetEra) now and risk the heart attack. Or you could be a little bit more cautious and watch this video from Sticky, showing off the beginning of the game.

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