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This new Sinking City video features a very good looking GDC demo

Andy Chalk

The Sinking City is an open-world investigation game with a Lovecraftian twist, set in the 1920s in Oakmont, Massachusetts, a city plagued by flood. And not just any floods: Supernatural floods. It's the biggest game ever made by Ukrainian developer Frogwares, which has previously developed a number of Sherlock Holmes games and the 2013 Portal-esque Magrunner: Dark Pulse. With its first public showcase about to take place at GDC and EGX, the studio has released a trailer looking at the challenges of creating a demo that will properly showcase what the game is all about.

The Sinking City Update #5 - How to Make an Event Demo

The goal, the narrator says, is to show off as much "diversity" as possible: "Diversity of gameplay features, and cultural aspects as well. " At first the developers intended to make a new quest set in a small, standalone area specifically for the GDC presentation, but the idea of putting all that effort into something that would be thrown away after the show didn't sit right. Instead, they

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