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This realism mod makes Kingdom Come: Deliverance much tougher

Samuel Horti

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not exactly an easy game, but you can transform Henry from lowly peasant to fearsome knight fairly quickly if you know what you're doing. Modder Knoxogoshi's Ultimate Realism Overhaul looks to change that by making the game harder, especially early on. It bumps up the difficulty of combat, slows down progression, and makes Groschen—Bohemia's currency—harder to come by. It sounds brutal, but if you've already finished your first playthrough then it might be a good excuse to start all over again.

It touches on almost every one of the game's systems. The mod tweaks every weapon's damage value and strength requirements, which will make it more difficult to wield the best weapons and almost impossible to one-shot enemies late in the game. You'll also have to pay more attention to the type of weapon you're using: maces, for example, will do barely any damage against padded armour, will weigh a lot more than other w

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