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This trio of mods will improve archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Samuel Horti

I can't stop playing open-world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but its not without its eccentricities. Archery is one area that players have been calling for improvement and, predictably, modders have answered. There's already mods that will make your arrows fly faster and add a reticle while aiming your bow, as well as a simple way to remove the immersion-breaking air trails from any arrows you fire. You can add a reticle via console commands, as Christopher wrote in the week, but if you want to go down the mod route instead then this is the one you want.

The mod is compatible with Unintrusive Reticle, another mod aimed at making the default crosshair less obvious while you're wandering around Bohemia, which I think is a good idea. Arrows fly pretty slowly in the game, and this Faster Arrows mod will speed them up. And if you want to remove the trail of lines that follows the arrows as they travel through the air, then follow the instructions here. If you're interested in

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