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Topple dynasties from the shadows with your web of undercover spies in Total War: Three Kingdoms


 Whether in the form of Roman spies sabotaging enemy army camps, or Japanese ninja silently assassinating an enemy daimyo, espionage has played a significant role in the Total War series. Yet while spies and assassins in previous games could be enormously powerful, the series’ overall representation of subterfuge was fairly limited. This all changes in Total War: Three Kingdoms, which transforms espionage into a complex system that lets your spies infiltrate enemy factions, sow dissent amongst their ranks, secretly assassinate enemy leaders, and even wrest control of factions before handing power over to you. It lets players devise elaborate plots and orchestrate dramatic coup d’états.

But you’ll equally need to be vigilant about your own ranks, as enemy warlords will also try to infiltrate your faction, possibly using the same agents you sent to spy on them. One of the biggest changes to how espionage works is that spies are no longer an official class of unit. All major characters in Three Kingdoms share the same recruitment pool. Any character who possesses the “undercover” trait can be assigned the role of a spy and ordered to infiltrate a specific faction.

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