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Toppling leaders and climbing big naked Zeus in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Tom Senior

I realised that Odyssey had a sly sense of humour when I found myself clambering over Zeus’ wang to synchronise with my Greek island home. A vast statue of the god overlooks Kephallonia, poised to hurl a huge stone lightning bolt down into the small towns below. As I synchronised the view spun majestically around the butt-naked god and the vibrant islands that form his kingdom. What a magnificent view. Big naked Zeus served as a fast-travel point from that point onwards as I followed the main quest onto a boat (high seas sailing is back!

) and over to the mainland. I spent eight hours exploring two districts of this absolutely huge world map, which stretches from Kephallonia to Lesbos. In most ways Odyssey is a repeat of Origins. Zones are level-gated, and the game is structured like an RPG with experience rewards and lots of very admirable loot. Story-wise Odyssey gets going a lot faster than Origins did, though if you found the level gating requirements restrictive in Origins, Odysse

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