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Trailblazers channels Splatoon into an energetic, clever sci-fi racer

Wes Fenlon

I've been a bad PC gamer lately: instead of playing PUBG or CS:GO or Rainbow Six: Siege, I've been playing Splatoon 2, Nintendo's colorful take on the shooter. It's a great game, and the idea of covering the playing field in ink to help you swim faster—and balancing that goal with the more immediate payoff of killing enemy players—is ripe for remixing in other genres. I didn't think the first would be a racing game, but after half an hour of playing Trailblazers, I feel pretty confident in saying the idea works brilliantly.

Trailblazers - Announcement Trailer

It's the first racing game I've played where co-op is the core conceit: you're always racing with a teammate or two, dragging paint behind your car to carve a colorful trail in your wake that doubles as a long, winding boost pad for your team. The idea takes only a few seconds to understand, but it brings a surprising amount of strategy to a genre about going fast. For example: maybe it's not actually that import

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