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Tropico 6 feels like a definitive edition of the series rather than a reinvention

Phil Savage

The problem with a series about building on an island is that, sooner or later, you're going to run out of island. Previous Tropico games could, at times, feel pretty limiting. Not only were you surrounded on all sides by clear blue ocean, but even within your verdant, tropical paradise, mountains and cliffs would often restrict your ability to expand. Not so in Tropico 6. In many ways this sequel will be familiar to Tropico fans, despite it having a new developer—Might & Magic's Limbic Entertainment—at the helm. But for all that's the same, a few new features should help alleviate any claustrophobia.

"We figured for El Presidente, one island wasn't enough," says lead level designer Mark Mussler, "so we wanted to provide him with a bigger playground to operate in. " Each mission will now take place on an archipelago—with one main landmass surrounded by smaller satellite islands. "It perfectly fit into the Tropico theme because it underlines this tropical Caribbean atmosphere," says Mussler. "But of course we also wanted to ensure we gave the player meaningful ways to engage with the archipelagos and new islands. " This is primarily achieved through resource distribution. In one of the maps I'm shown, certain resources like iron and gold are limited to a satellite island, forcing players to create mines far away from their main settlement.

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