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Trying to make the grade in the challenging boss arenas of Cuphead

Phil Savage

Up until now I have been avoiding Cuphead. It’s hard, and that makes it dangerous. If you have been on the internet at all, you’ll know that it is not acceptable to be bad at difficult videogames. Die recklessly in Dota, and you will be chased out of your home. Mistime your ult in Overwatch, and you will be excommunicated by the head of the church. We must hide the sin of mediocrity behind a facade of stoic capability.

Case in point: a games journalist posted a video of himself being bad at Cuphead’s tutorial, and it generated a 2,666 comment Reddit thread and multiple op-eds asking if people who write about games are allowed to be bad at them. This isn’t a joke, except in the existential sense. The writer apologised for his crime, and now probably lies screaming as imaginary crows peck at him from a prison of his own mind. Or something. Naturally, as the editor of PC Gamer magazine, it is vital that people think I am good at videogames. No doubt our p

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