Ubisoft Offering For Honor Bonus For Players Who Couldn't Hit The Battlefield

Jeff Cork

For Honor's deep combat and viking/samurai/knight mashup make it a unique fighting game full of "Holy crap! " moments. It had a rocky launch, however, and players reported issues with getting multiplayer matches started or seeing them through to completion. Ubisoft is extending an olive branch to affected players this weekend, giving them three days of champion status, and all the benefits that come with the status. If you played between February 13-26 at 2 a. m. Eastern, you'll get the three-day champion status this weekend, from March 3-5.

Champion status gives you more salvage from dismantling gear, additional loot, special emblems, a 25-percent XP boost, and a 10-percent XP boost for players on your team. If you already bought champion status, the additional days will be added to your total. Ubisoft says that this weekend's community order will give players double steel rewards, too, so this could be a lucrative weekend. [Source: Ubisoft]   Our TakeFor Honor's launch was definitely a frustrating one, and it's nice to see that Ubisoft not only recognizes it but is taking steps to make it right. In other news, the vikings won the first round of the game's meta battle, and I extend my deepest condolences to anyone who picked the other two factions. Maybe next time.

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