Ubisoft Outlines For Honor's Season Pass And DLC Plans

Manon Hume

Ubisoft has announced its season pass and post-launch DLC plans for the upcoming melee action title, For Honor.   Unlike many games, all For Honor players will be able to take advantage of the post-launch DLC updates, which are broken down into Faction War seasons. Each season will be comprised of three months, and will see the release of two new heroes and two new maps, as well as other weapons, armor, and game modes.

Season pass holders will have seven days with the new heroes before they are released to the larger player base, and they will be unlocked automatically – if you didn't buy the season pass, you can recruit the heroes by spending Steel, the in-game currency. Season pass holders will also have access to exclusive scavenger packs and get to play the game a week before release, but the other additional post-launch weapons and items will be available to everyone. The update schedule is explained in detail in the game’s latest trailer, featured below.

(Please visit the site to view this media) For Honor launches on February 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our Test Chamber episode and hands-on impressions of For Honor for more information.     Our TakeThe decision to make the maps, heroes, and weapons available as free DLC is a good tactic to keep multiplayer matches balanced for all players, and should provide some good will with players who don't want to feel forced into buying the season pass.

That said, it also calls into question whether the early access and scavenger packs are enough to justify purchasing the season pass. We'll have to wait until release to see how things shake out.

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