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Ubisoft, please put my dad in Far Cry 5


Dear Mr. or Ms. Ubisoft,This is my formal request that you give your employees enough money to produce a digital man in the image of my father and then insert that man into Far Cry 5. A few weeks back, Dan Hay, Far Cry 5 creative director stared down a group of writers and talked in a low, booming voice about Montana and Far Cry for 30 minutes. There were pictures and videos showcasing a digital Montana: a cow saying moo, a guy with no sleeves, a priest reading a gun, and most striking was a picture of outside—all very accurate.

But something felt off. Dan talked like he knew the place, like how the people there have very good bullshit detectors and how Montana is a great place to build a powerful religious army. But after flying home to Deer Lodge, Montana last week and taking stock what makes the place so great, I realized Far Cry 5 really just needs a whole lot more of my dad. Far Cry 5 has so far nailed the look of big sky country, but the characters are all cartoon caricatures of

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