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Vampyr explores the creation of its bloodthirsty monsters in new dev-led short

Joe Donnelly

Vampyr, Dontnod's early 20th century supernatural action role-player, plans to sink its pointy teeth into PCs this spring. A new behind-the-scenes series kicks off today, the first episode of which explores the creation of protagonist Jonathan Reid. Named 'Making Monsters', the following short explains Reid's place within Spanish Flu-ridden London, and showcases the various baddies now stalking its streets—including the shadowy Ekons, bestial Vulkods, and sewer-dwelling Skals.

Webseries: DONTNOD Presents Vampyr Episode 1 - Making Monsters

And it looks like we'll need more than wooden stakes and strings of garlic to topple any one of them. Best of luck with that. See for yourself:

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