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Videogame subscription services are scary


Each year, E3 ends up being a proving ground for what could be the next big trend in gaming. Last year, for example, reflected the rise of the battle royale format as Nintendo and Sony fought over Fortnite cross-play, Battlefield 5 teased its own battle royale mode, and half a dozen indie battle royales vied for attention on the show floor. But E3 2019 was all about streaming and subscription servicesGoogle finally revealed details about Stadia, Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Pass was available on PC, Ubisoft revealed its own subscription launching in September, and Square Enix suggested it has one in the works.

And don't forget EA and Sony, who already have their own with Origin Access and PS Now. That seemingly distant idea of a Netflix for games, whether they're streamed or downloaded, is already here—and it's only a little bit terrifying.

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