Wasteland 3 Reaches Funding Goal On Fig In Just Three Days

Elise Favis

Three days after Wasteland 3's Fig crowdfunding campaign began, it has reached its goal of $2. 75 million. While much of that comes from investments, more than $600,000 is from backer pledges.   This post-apocalyptic RPG is the next entry in the series following Wasteland 2, which was also successfully crowdfunded. Wasteland 2 raised more than $2.

9 million on Kickstarter, far exceeding its funding goal of $900,000. It's likely Wasteland 3 will see a similar situation as the campaign remains open for backers to pledge funds for the next month.   With the funding goal achieved, developer InXile unveiled the project's stretch goals, which go upwards to $3. 1 million. These include more Ranger customization options, a talking car companion, and a customizable Ranger squad insignia for your team.

Additionally, InXile announced Paypal support for the game outside of Fig through Crowdox. You can click here to view Wasteland 3's Fig campaign. For more on Fig, which is both a crowdfunding and investment platform, read about how it just recently got SEC approved. Take a look at the gameplay trailer for Wasteland 3 here.   Our TakeWasteland 2 actually met its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter in less time than Wasteland 3, in just two days.

However, its funding objective was considerably less since it asked for $900,000. While the bulk of Wasteland 3's funding comes from investments, there is still an incredible amount of backer support that is a testament to just how beloved this series is.

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