Wasteland 3 will have multiplayer, XCOM-style cinematic camera (update)

Charlie Hall

Brian Fargo talks about moving the classic series into the next generation After several wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns, InXile Entertainment is ready to launch its next project. The pitch for Wasteland 3, the sequel to Wasteland 2, is ambitious. While the game itself promises to be a bit shorter at 50 hours, the graphics and the feature set will be significantly beefed up. We spoke with studio head Brian Fargo last week to get more details. Wasteland 3 will be true to the series' roots, allowing players to create a small party of characters and lead them through an isometric role-playing game in the classic style. It will tell the story of Team November, a group of Rangers sent on a mission to Colorado in the aftermath of a global nuclear apocalypse.

In the opening sequence of the game, Fargo says, players will be stranded far from civilization and have to fend for themselves. Their biggest challenge early on will be staying alive in the sub-zero temperatures. But, while many of the game’s systems should feel familiar to fans of the series, Fargo says his team is including bold new features that move the franchise into uncharted territory. First on the list is multiplayer, with both synchronous and asynchronous play. "We’re going to have a fucking blast with it," Fargo told Polygon. "And it’s not just solving puzzles together.

It’s about narrative multiplayer and what can happen when the two of us are in a world, independent of each other, doing other things on the map. " Up to two players can each field a unique team of Rangers. When those teams are close together in the game world they’ll be able to take part in the same turn-based skirmishes. But when they’re apart, each player will have their own chance to move the campaign story forward, at times leading to a cascade of unintended consequences for the other player. "Let’s say that you’re sleeping and I go on a mission where there’s a sickness among some cattle," Fargo said. "I decide the resolve it by killing them all.

You wake up and you’re notified that mission is complete. "But when you get back to the game there’s a radio call. The town? They’re kind of pissed about that. They want money for those cattle. You can convince your friend to pay up, or you could pay it yourself.

You could even refuse to pay entirely and live with the consequences. "

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