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Watch a full strike mission from Destiny 2


Last week, Destiny 2 made its debut, where else, but in a sweaty aircraft hangar. We had boots on the ground to play through the first campaign mission, get our power-armored butts kicked in PvP, and run the same strike over and over on the PC build. Unfortunately the PC release date is set to arrive after the console launch, despite how good Destiny 2 looks and feels on our platform. Bungie also wouldn't allow PC capture at this early stage, despite the fact seeing the game running at 4K 60 fps likely would’ve dampened the concerns of skeptical newcomers.

Destiny 2 - complete strike mission, The Inverted Spire

Instead we were only able to capture footage from a PS4 Pro, which does run in 4K but is locked at 30fps. As much as it pains us to play an FPS controlled by analog sticks, we felt it was necessary in order to help explain what the hell Destiny 2 is in this video. My thumbs are scarred for life—said the guy with 300 hours in Destiny. In the footage above, we talk through an entire strike mission—these a

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