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Watch a launch trailer for Life is Strange 2

Jody Macgregor

Life is Strange 2 is only days away from release, so here's a launch trailer for the first episode, called 'Roads'. It looks like it will be setting up the basics of the new season, which is about two young brothers, one of whom has mysterious powers, on the run from the police. Chloe and Max, the protagonists of the first season, won't be showing up, although there may be some nods to free spin-off The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Life is Strange 2 Launch Trailer [ESRB]

The soundtrack is 'Colour to Colour' by Seyr, so it seems like Life is Strange 2 will be keeping up the original's indie cred. The first episode of Life is Strange 2 releases on September 27—ignore the bit at the start of the trailer that says "Episode 1 of 5 out now", apparently that's a mistake.

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