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Watch a Sea of Thieves pirate crew battle the Kraken

Christopher Livingston

Sea of Thieves officially arrives tomorrow, though there a number of folks playing Rare's open world pirate game a day early, and some have already faced off against the game's biggest monster. After first learning of the Kraken from dataminers, then discussing it with Rare back in February, and then being teased with a bit of video last week, we've all been dying to know what it's like to actually encounter and battle one. Granted, we're sure many players want to discover it for themselves in the natural course of playing the game, and if so, we understand you closing this article and reading no further.

Sea of Thieves - Kraken Encounter

However, if you're curious and don't mind having the battle spoiled for you, check out the video below (around 1:15 in is a good point to start watching). So, spoiler warning, and also profanity warning if you've got your sound on. There's quite a bit of swearing when the creature appears, not that pirates were known for mincing words.

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